So… Let’s (OLDs) MOOC!


Yesterday, 10th January, I had the chance to take part, for the first time in my life, on one of the biggest innovations in learning technology of recent years: a MOOC.

MOOC is an acronym of Massive Open Online Course, a development in distance education where a single institution is able to, aided by technological resources, provide a learninng environment for a huge number of participants at the same time, promoting interaction and sharing between them to maximize the learning experience in an innovative ways.

This MOOC in particular is a course on Learning Design (it’s name is Open Learning Design studio MOOC) and is promoted by the Open University of the UK.

A great thing with this (and other) MOOC(s) is that they take advantage of the different social tools spread on the web for educational resource, rather than using only a closed environment controlled by themselves. While that is good because it allows for a greater openness, better flexibility and a lot of interaction with people and information around the world, it can be a bit confusing and not so good for the less savvy on the information technology.

So, in this first day we got acquainted to the different tools we’re going to use, like Google Groups, Cloudworks, Twitter, Google+ and others (granted, some of them are of regular use by a lot of the participants and Cloudworks is the one requiring a deeper attention since few outside the UK Open University had used it before). We did introductions (the social interaction is of the utmost importance) and defined learning goals for the week.

Today (11th) we have to propose learning design projects. I’m going to start by searching what that means and try to come up with something. Wish me luck J


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