Team set up, let’s get down to business! #oldsmooc_w1

Things seem to be improving, but I have a feeling this MOOC is causing a lot of confusion for some people, including myself. It may be just the beginning, but I spend A LOT of time just trying to find my way on the Cloudworks website. Not good, especially when I have more things to do besides MOOCing. Including assignments that whose deadlines approach fast. But alas…

So, I have entered on a team to develop a project proposed by Arosha Bandana from The Open University, which will be focused on digital literacy (that is, related to the topic of my own [second] project). The link is here: I thought her project was interesting, and even if it has some programming, I’m kinda confortable with that J. Tomorrow I’ll post my weekly thoughts on the MOOC, since that is the day’s activity. And aim for the first weekly badge, of course!


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