OLDs MOOC end of first week thoughts #oldsmooc

Well, it’s Wednesday, so let’s do a balance of the week. I must say I tried hard, but I was unable to do all the activities proposed for the week. I have a project but I integrated a team that’s doing a related project, I integrated a study circle that formed on google+, and now I must say something for my fellows at Universidade Aberta: I hope they don’t mind my absense, but at this time I prefer to mingle with people from other places, since networking can be seen as one of the objectives of a MOOC. That said, I took a lot of time to solve my teaming up issue, because I had a lot to do in the weekend and couldn’t do a lot, and couldn’t take part in the convergence and brainstorming. At this precise moment I’m watching the convergence video. Oh, I just noticed my group ,mate Ronald took part on it, nice.

I like the MOOC and it’s very innovative and creative spirit going on. The dreambazaar has lots of amazing ideas for projects, and I feel really motivated to be part of all of this. However, I have to say the Cloudworks platform is not the most friendly or usable I’ve worked with, and I consider myself technology-savvy. I’m sure some people are having trouble figuring out what to make of it.

All in all, I think it has been a very promising experience and I’m really excited about this first experience in MOOCland. I think MOOCs have a very big role to play in education, and I hope this one in particular has a great success.


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