I’m (OLDs) MOOCing in the rain… #oldsmooc_w2


Amid the nice winter weather we’re having here in Europe (rainstorm in Portugal, snow all over Europe, fyi), this was not a good (OLDs) MOOCing week for my. My time management was far from adequate, and I had to find time between the classes I give, the ones I take (or whatever you want to call them) and the deadlines for several assignments for the master’s (if you speak Portuguese, check out my Digital Storytelling video ). So, I didn’t start on Thursday, hoping to catch up in the weekend, and when it arrived some other things suddenly crashed on my lap (including the aforementioned deadlines), so I had to focus on that. Then week started and I was a bit frustrated and dispirited by the lack of communication in the project I had joined, so I didn’t have the nerve to do anything in the MOOC… I had to get some word of encouragement, and it came, but at the same time I just checked the status of the project, and the original promoter says she’ll be unable to actively support it due to work schedule. Oh well, at least she seems to have a stable job, which is better that not having one… Alas, I’m going to try to join another team, that’s how life is, keep banging your head and in the end… you get a concussion! 😀

Oh, wait, if I get to catch up with week 2 activities, can I still apply for the badge? If any reader knows, please comment J Thanks!



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