Still OLDs MOOCing…

MOOCs are the hype nowadays, but I think you need to be prepared to what you’re going to find and have a grasp on the subject. I think OLDs should have had a longer time for socializing before really entering into business: I was not prepared (and I feel a lot of people more wasn’t as well) to think of a project and make / join a team in the 2 first days. In my opinion that spoiled it a bit, since people immediately started feeling lost.

I finally finished week 2’s activities. I’m late, have to go faster and catch up quickly, since we’re already at the middle of week 4. Darn.

I don’t want to give it up, it’d be awful. I need to keep up with what I’m doing but do it faster and with more focus. I did the context, personas, factors and objections part, but I’m not going to do the force map. Let’s see if I can get the badge…


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