Prototyping in #oldsmooc_w5

In the past few days I had to catch up with the activities on OLDS MOOC. I didn’t do them all, of course, but I watched the videos and skimmed past every single piece of reading available. It’s really an education to be taking this MOOC, and I’m very grateful to the organizers who put so much effort on it.

I just finished prototyping the course (ok, a module of the course,  Management 101). I think I didn’t made a bad of outlining the module with its different activities, although it may be incomplete in some ways. This is obviously a draft, no expectations of ever really doing it in the current form, so I’d be happy to have some comments. Now there’ll be only 4 more weeks till the end of the mooc, and I hope I can keep it going now that I’ve caught up :).



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