My notes on the #UMinhOA

Last week (7th, 8th February 2013) I went to Braga for the UMinho Open Access Seminar & OpenAIRE workshop. I must confess I didn’t know a lot about Open Access, I was. I had some notions of repositories, data accessibility and interoperability due to my current master’s at UAb, conversations with friend researchers and my general interest in many fields of knowledge. My goal in going there was to apprehend some basic concepts that could be useful for the coming subjects of my master’s, particular when we talk about Open Educational Resources and discuss Open Access itself. In that sense, I should say it was very good to attend the seminar, although I couldn’t stay the Thursday afternoon due to professional reasons.

University of Minho is well-known for the excellence of their research output, and events like this help them cement their reputation. Everything seemed to work very well, the presentations were good, I think everyone was happy to be there. Pity I couldn’t stay for dinner on Thursday too, but I can assure the lunch on Friday was excellent. 😉

My networking was noticeable for almost not existing. I made some twitter connections, though, and talked to someone (sorry, bad memory for names L) about the possibility of packaging datasets into some format that would allow them to actively advertise where they were so as to keep coherence in large-scale databases when being moved around. Coherence of datasets is a big issue in data managgement. He replied it was a valid idea and had been proposed before, but that would mean a complete overhaul of the entire paradigm of databases in use on repositories and data centers. Oh well, don’t say I didn’t try to save the world… 😉


In March I’m going to attend the Digital Media and Learning conference in Chicago, USA, 14th-16th.